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At MyStudentLounge, we wanted to create a well organized place for students to find all of their college needs and connect with other students that have similar interests. Here are some of our awesome features.


Keep up with the latest trends going on around campus using taglines!

Local Textbook Exchange

Buy and sell your old textbooks to other students directly on campus

Teacher/Class Advice

Get instant advice about classes and teachers.

Homework Help

Get help with your homework directly from other students who are in your class.

Share Notes

Get connected with other students who are in the same class and share your notes.

Form a Study Group

Form a study group with your classmates.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to make college a more enjoyable experience for students everywhere. In 4 years of college, it has been observed that the best way to get through college was to not do it alone, rather to make connections with lots of friends and enjoy the experience together. We here at MyStudentLounge have a mission to make your life as a college student all that much better!

Our Team

We work to use our various talents to accomplish a central goal: make your college experience better!
Nicholas LeJeune
Nicholas LeJeune
CEO and Co-Founder
Nafis Hasnian
Nafis Hasnian
CTO and Co-Founder
Ben St. John
Ben St. John
CDO and Co-Founder

MyStudentLounge is for everyone!

No matter what your interests, needs, or classes are, MyStudentLounge is here to help!

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